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Is Apple Serious?

After years of representing to shareholders that it properly monitors its supply chain for compliance with foreign laws, Apple now admits a serious history of derelictions. CEO Tim Cook, whose 2011 income of about 300 million dollars is likely more than what Apple’s China based I-pod workforce makes in a year, says he wants to […]

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Did Fed Ex Get a Deal?

It turns out that Fed Ex will pay a sum of less than 5 million dollars to settle allegations of pervasive employment discrimination. The settlement was announced by the Department of Labor and touted as a victory. But is it really? Seriously? The DOL investigation surfaced allegations impacting several thousand employees. For a mulit-billion dollar […]

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Civil Penalties on Trial?

On Valentine’s Day, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia issued an opinion in a False Claims Act case, U.S. ex rel. Bunk v. The Pasha Group et al. denying a request to impose civil penalties upon a Defendant that had been found to violate the False Claims Act. The Bunk […]

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A Whistleblower’s Guide to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Here’s to the big drug maker Selling their stuff to any taker The white collar thugs Who off-label their drugs They pay off your physician And call him a first-rate clinician On any given day They co-opt the FDA Testing their drugs abroad Makes it hard to detect the fraud Promoting themselves on Tee Vee […]

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