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Tort Reform: A Lion in Sheep’s Clothing

Tort reformers cite a range of cases as frivolous litigation. But, says Reuben Guttman, many of these lawsuits raise fundamental issues. The United States Chamber of Commerce, a few academics and some media pundits have their lists of cases arguably supporting the proposition that people will sue over anything and hence the need for tort […]

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A Tale of Two Cases

The SEC needs more transparency The SEC needs to begin identifying those receiving bounties as another $30 million goes to an unidentified whistleblower, says Reuben Guttman of Guttman, Buschner & Brooks PLLC. Last week the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the award of a $30 million bounty to an undisclosed whistleblower who […]

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Does Government Really Have the Watchful Eyes to Privatize?

Certain things in life are predictable. A kid tilts the gumball machine when the candy does not roll out. A soda machine is kicked when the pop gets stuck. A baseball manager is fired when a team fails to make the playoffs. And, oh yes, don’t forget this one: politicians threaten to give away government […]

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Profiles in Justice: An Advocacy Masterclass

Emory University Law School is behind an innovative trial advocacy course equipping law students with trial expertise. ATLANTA, GA – On a Saturday morning in early May, a second year Emory University Law School Law student from Southern China stands at her place in the school’s mock trial courtroom and announces that she is ready […]

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Profiles in Justice: The Art of Labour Relations

Trade Union general counsel Maria Ludkin tells Reuben Guttman about the connections between life as an art lawyer and her current role as general counsel of the GMB. This blog written by Reuben Guttman who practices at of Guttman, Buschner & Brooks PLLC and was published in the Global Legal Post on May 12, 2014. […]

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Benchmarking Law Schools

How should law schools be judged? Reuben Guttman questions the current law school rankings and urges law school professors to follow suit. In the United States, law school deans have now had more than a few weeks to digest the latest rankings by US News and World Report. Setting aside whatever specific criteria US News […]

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The Corporate Magician

Cosying up to NGOs is just one of the corporate tricks used by big business to distract from problems. The Washington Capitals recently faced off in a National Hockey League contest against the New York Rangers. Amidst the fanfare of a stadium packed with more than 20,000 fans, during breaks in the action the jumbotron […]

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Mouring the Common Law Tradition

A few years back, a colleague from Beijing made his first journey to the United States to present a paper we wrote together for an academic conference in San Francisco. I frankly do not remember much about the paper or the conference – what I do remember is our lunch break. We took that time […]

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Profiles in Justice: A ‘one of a kind’ trial lawyer

An unattractive jury and a stirring tale of conflict, emotion, sex and violence are some of the essential ingredients for success in a trial, according to seasoned US trial lawyer Dick Harpootlian. He shares some tips with Reuben Guttman. South Carolina has sandy beaches, Fort Sumter, where the shot that began the Civil War was […]

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