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Guttman and Buschner Represent Key Whistleblower in Justice Dept.’s $1.04 Billion Civil Settlement with GlaxoSmithKline

Reuben Guttman led team on behalf of a former GlaxoSmithKline Therapeutic Sales Manager who alleged misrepresentation in promotion of company’s asthma/COPD drug Advair; firm’s third major whistleblower recovery in 2012, following Abbott Labs’ $1.6 billion settlement and banks’ $25 billion payment over ‘robo-signing’ mortgage fraud.  BOSTON and WASHINGTON (July 2, 2012) — Reuben Guttman of […]

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Guttman and Buschner Represents Lead Whistleblower in $1.6 Billion Settlement with Abbott Laboratories

Payment may be largest ever in single-drug case in history of False Claims Act; 4 ½ year investigation revealed Depakote was illegally marketed for children and geriatric patients; doctors given kickbacks WASHINGTON, DC (May 7, 2012) – U.S. Justice Department and several state Attorneys General, has reached a $1.6 billion settlement with Abbott Laboratories over […]

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Whistleblowers Drawn by Tip-off Payouts

Company informants tempted by the prospect of multimillion dollar payouts are rushing to US regulators with audio recordings and internal documents to take advantage of a new program that can make whistleblowing on wrongdoing lucrative. Read the full story.

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Aon Corporation Agrees to Pay a $1.76 Million Criminal Penalty to Resolve Violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act—12/20/11

One of the largest insurance brokerage companies in the world, Aon Corporation, has agreed with the DOJ to pay a $1.76 million penalty to settle violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The agreement states that Aon’s UK subsidiary used funds—given for education and training purposes relating to its reinsurance business with Instituto Nacional […]

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Three arrested in $90 million Medicare fraud scheme – 12/14/11

Three owners of Spectrum Care in West Houston, a mental health care program, were arrested for defrauding Medicare out of $90 million in fake treatments. According to the indictment, Mansour Sanjar, Cyrus Sajadi, and Chandra Nunn’s scheme involved illegal healthcare kickbacks and fraudulent Medicare billings for treatments that amounted to patients “watching movies, playing bingo […]

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Medtronic to Pay 23.5M for False Claims Settlement—12/13/11

Medtronic will pay $23.5 million to settle DOJ allegations of illegal kickbacks and wrongful use of cardiac implants, but will not admit any misconduct. DOJ civil division Tony West states, “Kickbacks, like those alleged here, distort sound medical judgments with financial incentives paid for by the taxpayers.” Medtronic’s Dr. Marshall Stanton states that Medtronic is […]

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Senators Scrutinize CMS over Felons Enrolled in Medicare —12/12/11

Senators Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) are questioning the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) ability to protect seniors and taxpayer dollars, when the organization has allowed dozens of convicted felons to enroll in Medicare and bill the government for services. “We believe that the lack of systematic editing, the refusal to implement […]

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Home Healthcare Services Booming in Houston, but Violating Regulations—12/03/11

Medicare has given $1.25 billion for home-based health care services in Houston, Texas for over four years. But according to a Houston Chronicle investigation, nearly all the agencies that provide care for the elderly and disabled have violated state and federal regulations. Although declining to provide details due to ongoing investigations, Assistant U.S. Attorney Justo […]

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Olympus Former Chief Executive and Whistleblower Resigns from the Board —12/03/11

Former chief executive of Japan’s Olympus Corp. has resigned from the board in light of several allegations of a whistleblower. Michael Woodford, who worked at Olympus for three decades, was fired in October after questioning the company’s accounting practices. Upon his departure, Woodford vowed to work with shareholders to replace the company’s board and hopes […]

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