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Whistleblower Retaliation? ATF Fires Warning Shot – 06/28/11

Last week, a critic of the infamous Project Gunrunner program the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has been sent a notice of termination in an alleged act of retaliation.  In ATF’s letter notifying the employee of his termination, they cited the unauthorized posting of documents he had posted to that website as […]

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Medicare fraud nets 20-year prison sentence for Miami physician, Florida remains a hot bed for fraud. – 06/28/11

A Florida doctor was recently convicted for pocketing more than $1 million for writing phony prescriptions for unnecessary HIV treatments.  The 72-year-old doctor will spend 20 years of prison for his role in a massive Medicare fraud conspiracy.  The racket was headed by Metro Med’s owner, Damaris Oliva, who cooperated with authorities and was sentenced […]

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Growing hospice care brings concerns about misuse – 06/27/11

As hospice care has become mainstream with more than 1.1 million Medicare patients per year, concerns about excessive costs and misuse have arisen rapidly.  The government has settled with a few hospice care companies in the past and more lawsuits seem to be prevalent.  As marketing of these companies becomes more aggressive, look for more […]

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High Court sides with generic drug makers in narrow ruling – 06/23/11

The Supreme Court issued a troubling decision that stands as a direct threat to consumer protection within the pharmaceutical industry.  The Court determined that generic drug companies do not share the same level of responsibility as makers of brand-name equivalents, to update their warning labels when significant new risks emerge.  Generic drugs now account for […]

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Medicare goes high-tech to head off fraud

06/17/11 – In an effort to curtail fraud, Medicare will employ screening technology that is similar to what credit companies already use.  Traditionally, Medicare has paid claims first and asked questions later in a system called “pay and chase.”  With this new technology, Medicare will be able to track large numbers of claims using computer […]

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How to encourage the right kind of whistleblowers

06/15/11 – Dodd-Frank Act critics have traditionally argued that whistleblowers directly complain against their company to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) instead of using internal compliance programs because of the monetary bounties involved.  To appease these critics, the SEC’s new procedures offer employees greater sums if they go through internal corporate channels first and […]

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WSJ and Al-Jazeera Lure Whistleblowers With False Promises of Anonymity

06/07/11 – Mainstream media outlets have been inspired by the success of Wikileaks in obtaining information.  Al-Jazeera, and the Wall Street Journal have launched Al-Jazeera Transparency Unit (AJTU) and SafeHouse, respectively, to allow whistleblowers to confidentially share documents with the news sources.  Both sites assure that users’ information will be securely kept and not misused.  […]

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Inspector General: Audits, Legal Actions May Net Up to $3.4 Billion

06/01/11 –  In a period of intense activity, as Inspector General Daniel R. Levinson calls it, the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that it expects to recover $3.4 billion.  The receivables, which are related to investigations, audits, and other reviews (mainly of Medicare and Medicaid) during the […]

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