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Whistleblower Questions

What is a kickback

Federal law makes it a felony to provide remuneration to someone to order or recommend a product or service paid for with federal health care dollars. It also makes it a felony to receive money for the purpose of recommending or ordering a product that is paid for with federal health care dollars. The law […]

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What is a Relator?

A person who initiates a False Claims Act lawsuit is a Relator. He or she is called a Relator because he or she is bringing the suit on behalf of the government and relating to the government and the court the knowledge of wrongdoing that he or she possesses.

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Can anyone be a Relator?

No. A Relator cannot, for example, bring a False Claims lawsuit that is based upon public information. Public information includes information from the news media, government audits, or public court proceedings. If the information upon which the suit is based is a matter of public record as defined by law, the Relator must be an […]

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What is an original source?

The Federal False Claims Act defines an “original source” to mean “an individual who has direct and independent knowledge of the information on which the allegations are based and has voluntarily provided the information to the Government before filing an action under this section which is based on the information.” 31 USC § 3730(e)(B).

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