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Over the past five years, the Attorneys at GBB have worked together with whistleblowers to recoup more than $5 billion to the federal and state governments. In addition, GBB attorneys have worked with their whistleblower clients to secure recoveries against some of the nation’s largest pharmaceutical, major energy, health care, and defense contracting corporations. Firm counsel have litigated under both the Federal and state False Claims Acts as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblower programs.

As a boutique high-impact law firm, GBB brings a unique blend of expertise to its cases. Reuben Guttman and Traci Buschner have served as both lead or co-counsel for whistleblowers in some of the most significant cases brought under the Federal and state False Claims Acts including US ex Rel McCoyd v. Abbott Labs ($1.6 Billion recovered for the government); US ex Rel Graydon v. GSK ($1.2 Billion recovered); US ex Rel DeMott v. Pfizer ($2.3 Billion recovered); US ex Rel Kurnik v. Amgen ($24 Million recovered); US ex Rel Bunk v. Birkhart ($12 Million recovered); US ex Rel Dogramji v. CHS ($98 Million recovered); US ex Rel Szymoniak v. DocX ($98 Million recovered from five banks as part of Government’s $25 Billion banking settlement); US ex Rel Kurnik v. Omnicare ($4.9 Million recovered).

For its cases involving health care, the firm relies on the guidance of Dr. Caroline Poplin, Medical Director and Of Counsel to the firm. A graduate of the University of Rochester Medical School, Dr. Poplin served on the faculty of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences during her tenure as a physician at the Bethesda Naval Hospital. In addition to her expertise in medicine, Dr. Poplin also earned a law degree from Yale Law School and practiced as an attorney at both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Dr. Poplin is licensed to practice medicine in both the State of Maryland and the Commonwealth of Virginia. She is also a member of the District of Columbia Bar.

Co-author of one of the seminal books on government contracts, The Shadow Government (Pantheon 1976), firm Of Counsel Dan Guttman, has been one of the leading experts on the government’s use of private contractors. Dan has served as counsel and special counsel to the United States Senate, and is a fellow at the Center for Advanced Governance Studies at Johns Hopkins University, where he has taught courses in government contracting. In his earlier years, Dan served as Executive Director of President Bill Clinton’s Advisory Commission on Human Radiation and was appointed by President Clinton to serve as a Commissioner on the United States Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission. He was also a partner in the law firm Spiegel and McDiarmid, who pioneered the application of antitrust law to the electrical utility industry. Dan is a Fulbright scholar in China who serves as a professor at New York University (NYU) Shanghai,  and as a visiting Professor in the Peking University Law School law clinic. Dan is also a fellow at both the Tsinghua University China/U.S. Center and the U.S. National Academy of Public Administration.